Sari Narratives

Our intrigue for Indian mythological creatures echoes in this work. Earlier we've made Garuda, Navagunjara, Makara, Sharabha & Gandaberunda. This time it's two more fascinating Indian mythological creatures, in the craft of fine Kantha hand embroidery on custom hand woven cotton.
Jambavan I Originating in Ramayana, Jambavan is the divine king of the bears, the sloth bear. He was created by Brahma & he helped Rama in rescuing Sita from Ravana.
Jambavan Kantha Sari I Fine Kantha Hand Embroidery On Hand Woven Soft Cotton 
Detail I Jambavan Kantha Sari 
Kamdhenu I In Hindu mythology Kamdhenu was created at Samudramanthan ( the episode of ocean churning ). It is the cow of plenty, who fulfills the wishes of its owner, the divine bovine Goddess.
Kamdhenu Kantha Sari I Fine Kantha Hand Embroidery On Hand Woven Soft Cotton 
Detail I Kamdhenu Kantha Sari
A work with another Indian mythological creature.
Garuda I Paint & Translucent Paper
Garuda I Indian mythological creature Garuda is composed of an eagle & a human. Garuda is the Vahana ( vehicle mount ) of Lord Vishnu. In the Vedas Garuda represents hope, re-birth & heavenly power. In the Buddhist lores Garuda represents wisdom.
Garuda Sari I Handwoven Soft Muslin I White On White
Garuda Sari I Handwoven Soft Muslin I White On White
Detail I Garuda Sari
It was about visually translating an eponymous fragrance, which captured the scent of Arpora night market in Goa. The mindscape was white, laced with a strange romance. The sari looks of this work are formations in soft hand-textured tulle & crochet.
Pearl Sari I Tulle, Pearl Beads & Crochet
Archaic Crochet Sari I Tulle & Crochet
Entwine Sari I Deconstructed & Hand Textured Tulle
Billow Sari I Hand Textured Tulle & Crochet
Lattice Sari I Hand Textured Tulle & Crochet
Ruche Sari I Hand Textured Tulle & Crochet
The work is about two Indian mythological creatures. It's about melding, about merging of multiple identities. Handwoven Muslins play the medium of these formations, in sheer drapes.
'Makara' is a mythological sea creature, formed of hind of a fish, the head of an elephant & the mouth of a crocodile. It serves as the carrier for Ganga & the sea god Varuna. It’s also an emblem of Kamadeva, the god of love & desire.
Makara Muslin Handwoven Sari
'Navagunjara', an avatar of Lord Krishna, is formed of nine different animals. It has the head of a rooster, neck of a peacock, hump of a camel, waist of a lion, the tail is a serpent & stands on three feet, that of an elephant, a tiger, a horse. The fourth limb is a human arm carrying lotus. The disguise was to test Arjuna’s penance. This appears in Sarala Dasa’s Oriya Mahabharata.
Navagunjara Muslin Handwoven Sari