Makara is a mythological sea creature, formed of hind of a fish, the head of an elephant & the mouth of a crocodile. It serves as the carrier for Ganga & the sea god Varuna. It’s also an emblem of Kamadeva, the god of love & desire.
Makara Muslin Jamdani Handwoven Sari
Navagunjara, an avatar of Lord Krishna, is formed of nine different animals. It has the head of a rooster, neck of a peacock, hump of a camel, waist of a lion, the tail is a serpent & stands on three feet, that of an elephant, a tiger, a horse. The fourth limb is a human arm carrying lotus. The disguise was to test Arjuna’s penance. This appears in Sarala Dasa’s Oriya Mahabharata.
Navagunjara Muslin Jamdani Handwoven Sari


Video : Makara In Weaving At Our Loom :


Video : Navagunjara In Weaving At Our Loom :